The Lopez Lens: Telenovela Politics

Marile Lopez interviews her husband Jorge Luis Lopez on his new book that aims to help America understand the President of the United States

By Marile Lopez, SocialMiami

Love him or hate him, Donald J. Trump is our president. Controversial and larger than life, he acts often with motives that are difficult to understand. One thing my husband Jorge Luis Lopez understands is politics and most personalities, having been involved in campaigns for over 30 years.
That’s why he wrote the book, “Front and Center With Trump: America’s Wartime President”, so we can better understand what we’re seeing in the White House.

When it comes to Trump, he’s coined the term “Telenovela Politics,” because our President is the producer, director and protagonist of his own show. If you think back to his book the “Art of the Deal,” that’s the pilot program for his presidency.

The book is the insider’s guide to Trumpism, the 2020 elections, Florida, the inherent dangers of socialism, mail-in-ballots, and the new Telenovela PoliticsThe Kindle version and paperback book will be available April 17, 2020 – our wedding anniversary — to the delight of both romantics and political junkies.

And 100% of all proceeds will — through the Marile & Jorge Luis Lopez Family Foundation — go to support the work of the dedicated to faith-based programs that generate opportunities and access to education, healthcare and youth development for underserved children.

I asked Jorge Luis a few questions.

Why does the President act the way he does?
Because he can. His supporters allow him great latitude in his approach because they believe he is fighting for them. Trump is fighting for America. And we are in an existential battle.

When it comes to Trump what blinds us?
Our hyper-partisan views keep many from seeing the truth of what is happening in the White House and in Washington, generally. Others find it socially unacceptable to publicly agree with Trump because of his behavior, character and history. That’s one reason why the polls were off in 2016.
Take Trump seriously, not literally.

You say not to be blinded, that deals are being made in both houses?
Our republic is in fact a form of oligarchy. The political structure in which power rests with a small number of people – Senate President McConnell, House Speaker Pelosi and the President.
Deals are being made exclusively between them; few are consulted.

You say media is feeding us the idea that we have a broken political system?
The media is constantly reacting and limited to the flow of the information. Talking points are delivered at press conferences. House and Senate members relay the points to their constituents back home. Validating the narrative. And round and round we go.
You say Trump is misunderstood, what’s one thing we’re misunderstanding?
Trump genuinely cares for America.

What do you support?
I am a Reagan Republican. We believe in capitalism, limited government and American exceptionalism.
This is a President who is economically right- always thinking of the best “deal” for America.

With what do you disagree?
As a Reagan Republican, I do not speak ill of other Republicans.

You use the phrase Trumpism?
The political ideology of America First as implemented by President Trump. In essence, a form of nationalism.

You say you’re in the Goldilocks Zone, what does that mean?
Not too close, not too distant. My mentor, the late Sid Levine, taught me that to really see the political game one cannot be too close, because you lose perspective and your objectivity. Too distant and you are ineffective.

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