Reflections on National Day of Prayer 2020

Happy Sunday Friends, Clients & Colleagues,

We hope our reflection finds you well.

Today, we joined our fellow Americans in prayer for healing and strength.  

President Trump declared this Sunday a National Day of Prayer, shortly after declaring a state of emergency amid the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic.

Marile, our children, parents and I shared a special prayer and reflected on the words of the Scripture.

We pray that our Heavenly Father will hear our cries and come to our aid, that we may experience His healing love and that He remain by our side in this time of uncertainty and sorrow.

Bless the sick, their families, the doctors, nurses, researchers and all medical professionals who seek to heal and help and the leaders of all nations.

Help us all to endure and persist. 

And, we pray that you and your loved ones remain safe.


Warmest personal regards,


Marile & Jorge Luis Lopez, Esq.

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