May 18: Reopening Miami-Dade County

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As you may be aware, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez has begun the process to The New Normal of reopening non-essential businesses as of Monday, May 18th.

The plan currently focuses on strict guidelines for small businesses, retail, personal grooming businesses, restaurants, and shopping centers.

At the moment pubs, bars, nightclubs, movie theaters, gyms and public pools will NOT be reopening.

Below, please find a quick summary of guidelines for several businesses that will begin reopening:

Office Spaces and Shopping Centers

  • Hand sanitizing stations must be installed at all points of entrance and exits.
  • All workers and customers must sanitize upon entering and have a face mask.
  • Offices must ensure that all work spaces contain physical barriers/separation or be at least 6 feet apart.
  • Install CDC signage located at the entry, lobby/waiting area, elevators, escalators, restrooms, tenant entrances mandating social distancing and proper hand washing/sanitizing, over communicate the protocols throughout the building common areas.
  • Install visual/physical markings on floor and areas to accomplish social distancing, fix waiting areas to allow for proper social distancing (e.g., for check-in and elevators).
  • Clean and sanitize all high touch surfaces in common areas, including railings, seats, ATMs, kiosks and elevator buttons every two to three hours; discontinue use of common drinking fountains.

Personal Grooming Shops

  • These include hair and nail salons, and barber shops.
  • There are to be no waiting areas within these establishments during this time.
  • Employees must wear face shields, masks and gloves while customers are required to wear face masks.
  • Means of disinfecting must be provided for all customers and employees.
  • Old magazines and newspapers are to be disposed of and cash use should be avoided at all costs.

These are just some of the strict norms that are to be followed as businesses begin to reopen across Miami-Dade County.

For the full, detailed Guide please click on the button above.

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