#ThankfulThursday: Every American has a role to play …

Happy Thursday Friends, Clients & Colleagues,

We hope our #ThankfulThursday reflection finds you well.

As we shelter in place in Miami, we reflect and pray for all who are battling the coronavirus pandemic.

We are resolute and strong.

Together, we will overcome, and come out even stronger!

Every American has a role to play.

We urge you to consider helping in the fight against the pandemic.  Here are some ways:

  • The Miami Foundation has ways to help, funding and resources for nonprofits and Miami residents. 
  • Miami Herald has helpful information regarding unemployment, lose salary, aid for small business, help for basic family needs like food, and access to the internet.
  • American Red Cross South Florida: needs blood donations and funds to help families, neighbors, communities, and organizations assisting those in need.
  • Chapman Partnership: needs volunteers and donations to help the homeless in Miami.
Lopez Family

On Sunday, we prayed with our dear friend Reverend Fr. Richard Vigoa, Pastor of St. Augustine Church and UM Student Center for the sick, their families, the doctors, nurses, researchers and all medical professionals who seek to heal and help; and the leaders of our nation. And to help us all to endure and persevere.

As always, thank you our friends, clients and colleagues — for taking the time to reflect with us; know we cherish your friendship and continued support.

Stay safe and healthy.

Warmest personal regards,


Marile & Jorge Luis Lopez, Esq.

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