Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day 2019

Discover the beauty we share.

Happy Earth Day!

Greetings from Aspen. We hope this note finds you well.
Today, Marile, our kids and I are joining with millions of people around the world in taking part in Earth Day.
We invite you to celebrate with us by making a “special act of earth-kindness” — by supporting our The Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade and ensure that our park system thrives for us and future generations.
As a founding member (2004-present) of The Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade, I can assure you that we understand the important role our parks play in our lives, and are committed to ensuring Miami-Dade’s park facilities, programming and connections provide a world-class experience for all residents and visitors.
We firmly believe —
“Behind every great community is a great park system.”
Earth Day 2019_Miami Dade Parks Foundation Board
A great way to celebrate Earth Day is to make a donation to our Parks Foundation. Your contribution will help us support parks and programs for people of all ages, backgrounds and socio-economics.
Donate Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade
Earth Day 2019_Miami-Dade Parks Foundation Awards
In addition to supporting our parks and programing, you can become a member of the Parks Foundation. You’ll get access to special discounts on Parks’ programs, attractions and services.
Member_Miami-Dade Parks
Earth Day 2019_Miami-Dade Parks Foundation Volunteers
Another great way to celebrate Earth Day is to volunteer with our Parks Foundation. You can play a critical role in greening our community and demonstrate your commitment to parks and open spaces.

Come join us on Earth Day!

Together we can ensure that our Park system thrives for us and future generations.



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