#EthicsMatters: Ethical Governance Day 2019 …

The Miami-Dade Commission on Ethics & Public Trusthas partnered with Miami-Dade Public Schools to place hundreds of local leaders into high school classrooms to discuss the importance of civic participation and engagement as part of “Ethical Governance Day.”

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United Nations Path to Peace Foundation

Reflections on Columbus Day & Indigenous Peoples Day 2019

Today, as we pause and reflect, Marile, the kids and I commemorate the courage and spirit of adventure of the great explorer Christopher Columbus and we join our fellow Americans in praying for all indigenous peoples of the world.   We also pray for all who minister, care and serve indigenous peoples. Accordingly, we share with you the …

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St. Jude Legends for Charity Marile & Jorge Luis Lopez, Esq.4

#ThankfulThursday: St. Jude: Finding cures. Saving children.®

Today, we reflect and celebrate the great success of the Kick-off Party for the Legends for Chariy® Dinner benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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Marile and Jorge Luis Lopez Family Voting

Celebrating National Voter Registration Day

Today, September 24th, we celebrate National Voter Registration Day! Established in 2012, this national holiday creates a common consciousness among ALL Americans of the importance of voting. Fittingly, today we honor our right and duty we must diligently exercise in order to be good citizens of this great nation.

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St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Happy #ThankfulThursday: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Today, during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Marile, our children, and I reflect on the sad truth that childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease for children under the age of 15.

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$1 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Proposal

Jorge Luis Lopez, Esq. provides a short summary regarding Congress’ latest $1 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus Proposal and several resources to learn more.

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Republicans warn of ‘grim’ outlook for Trump in Florida | Financial Times

Take a look at the latest article written by the Financial Times where Jorge Luis Lopez, Esq. is featured and quoted speaking on the President’s campaign.

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🇺🇸 Happy Independence Day America 2020

Marile and Jorge Luis Lopez, Esq. reflection on Independence Day 2020 and discuss the value of being able to call America their home.

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The Lopez Lens: Danet Linares & IWF | SocialMiami.Com

Marile and Jorge Luis Lopez, Esq. present Marile Lopez’s column titled “The Lopez Lens” with the latest article where she interviews Danet Linares.

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athers Day Marile & Jorge Luis Lopez, Esq

Happy Father’s Day 2020

On this Father’s Day, we join families from across our Great Nation in honoring fathers and those who have taken on the role of Dad.

This morning, during the liturgy — we paused and prayed to our Heavenly Father in gratitude for our dads’ — Raul and Luis — unconditional love, protection and wisdom.

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#EthicsMatters | Political Contributions

Jorge Luis Lopez, Esq. provides key information that is important to read and comprehend before making any monetary contributions to a political campaign.

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