Ana Lopez

Director of Communications & Public Relations


Ms. Lopez, currently serves as The Director of Communications and Public Relations at Jorge Luis Lopez Law Firm, where her dedication to excellence and keen attention to detail have made substantial contributions to the firm’s streamlined operations. Ms. Lopez holds a distinguished academic background, earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and subsequently achieving her Masters Degree in Public Administration with a Certificate in Human Resources from Florida International University.
With a commendable track record as a public servant for Miami Dade County, Ms. Lopez has undertaken administrative responsibilities, showcasing her adeptness in managing crucial tasks. Her commitment to enhancing efficiency has played a pivotal role in the success of her division within Miami Dade County, as well as within Jorge Luis Lopez Law Firm.
In pursuit of her aspirations, Ms. Lopez is poised to embark on her journey to Law School in 2024. During her tenure at Jorge Luis Lopez Law Firm, she will be engaged in multifaceted responsibilities, including the development of newsletters, extensive legal research, crafting press releases, and other legal duties.
Beyond her professional endeavors, Ms. Lopez finds joy in spending quality time with friends and family. Additionally, her creative inclinations extend to content creation, showcasing a well-rounded individual with a passion for both her professional and personal pursuits. As Ms. Lopez prepares to embark on her legal education journey, her commitment to excellence and diverse skill set reflect her genuine dedication to contributing meaningfully to the legal field.