Fourth Annual Diamond Society Appreciation Dinner and Recognition Ceremony

1549544_10152146890253839_445436513_nThe Miami Children’s Health Foundation will be hosting one of its signature events, the Fourth Annual Diamond Society Appreciation Dinner and Recognition Ceremony, on Thursday, May 12th — Where the Foundation will pay tribute to the members of the Diamond Society for their generosity, and philanthropic support for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.

What is unique about the Members of the Diamond Society, is their diverse portfolio, which include: community and business leaders; philanthropists; grateful patients, parents, and grandparents; physicians.

However, they all share a common passion for Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. With the Diamond Society’s gracious donations, the foundation can achieve its goal of ensuring that children everywhere receive the highest quality of medical attention. Thanks to the support of these donors, children are treated by first- class physicians, nurses, as well as the top-notch technology available.Thereby, establishing Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is a leading pediatric healthcare institution.

Miami Children’s Health Foundation Board Chair, Marile and Jorge Luis Lopez, will be attending this year’s Ceremony. Marile Lopez works directly with the the not-for-profit organization where she facilitates the strategic planning of the foundation’s policies, while also securing their financial support.

Even though Mrs. Lopez enjoys working closely with the Miami Children’s Health Foundation, this will be her last dinner as Chair.

“It has been enriching working alongside Lucy Morillo…
It has been inspiring working for the betterment of the patients of Niklaus Children’s Hospital…
It has been rewarding to see our community come together for this one cause–the health and wellbeing of the future—our children.” – Mrs. Marile Lopez.

The Ceremony will take place at 7:00pm on Thursday, May 12th at the Coral Ga
bles Country Club.